• Lab Proven to kill 99% of germs & bacteria
  • Including Salmonella, E.coli, Influenza & Listeria
  • The sanitiser that never runs out!
  • Just use tap water & keep your family safe
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Smart Features

Multi-functional advanced upright & hand-held steam cleaner that works quickly on hard floors & carpets using only the power of steam

Home Sweet H2O® Home

Take your steam cleaning to the next level with the H2O HD® Steam Cleaner from Thane®. From the makers of the award winning H2O X5® Steam Cleaner, this High Definition steam cleaning system will make cleaning your entire home quicker and easier than ever.

The H2O HD® is the powerful, multi-functional steam system that cleans and helps sanitise your entire home with just one machine using no chemicals. H2O HD® uses ordinary tap water and turns it into super-heated steam to help sanitise and deodorise.

Effective cleaning has never been so smart!
UK Customer Reviews
  • H2O® HD
  • Microfibre Cloth for Mop Head
  • Carpet Glider
  • Duster Tool
  • Window Cleaning Tool
  • Angled Jet Nozzle
  • Nylon Brush
  • Brass Brush
  • Extension Hose
  • Super Absorbent Cloth for Duster Tool
  • Microfibre Cloth for Garment Tool
  • Super Absorbent Cloth for Window Cleaning Tool
Hand-Held Cleaning
No More Ironing!
With the Garment Steamer attachment, creases melt away and your garments will be refreshed and ready to wear.
Clean Without Chemicals
Clean hard to reach places effectively. Comes with the Jet Nozzle and Nylon Brush for targeted cleaning.
Use It To Clean Your Windows
Mirrors, glass, windows, and chrome get a streak-free shine with the Window Cleaning and Squeegee attachment.
Easy. Fast. Hygienic.
  • Kills up to 99% of salmonella, E.coli, influenza & listeria** helping to sanitise and deodorise surfaces
  • The removable water tank makes filling up simple and holds 450ml for more cleaning time
  • Lightweight – Weighs less than 5lbs
  • Helps to remove pet odours and stains from carpet, garments & upholstery
  • The extra large swivel cleaning head enables you to cover more surface in less time
  • The quick release hand-held unit detaches from the mop at the touch of a button
** Lower efficacy results achieved on wooden surfaces.
Ideal Home Winner
Ideal Home Approved

The H2O HD has done it again, this incredible steam mop has won another award. This time the H2O HD has been awarded the Ideal Home Approved badge in the Best Steam Cleaners 2020 test. 

The professional reviewer at Ideal Home said:

"This upright steam cleaner boasts a 'why didn’t I think of that design' which folds in half for easy storage in smaller cupboards."
Join The Family
Join the world famous, award winning H2O® family
From the H2O X5® to H2O® Steam FX Pro, the H2O® family of steam cleaners have a solution for every home. With powerful chemical free steam blasting away dirt and bacteria, you can feel confident that your H2O® steam cleaner will give you the cleanest home you've ever had!

With over 13 Million H2O® Steam Cleaners sold in over 80 countries across the globe, the H2O® HD is the perfect way to join the H2O® family
Parent Approved
Award Winning H2O® Range

Parent Tested Parent Approved is a community made up of parents, like you and me, who chat together, share tips, feedback, and provide support to one another through a variety of channels.

Product feedback from the parents is sent to companies, and this information is invaluable to help shape the way products are made for our families. It’s the parents of the PTPA Media program who determine if that product should receive a Winner’s Seal or not.

Maximise Your Cleaning

The Pro includes a FREE H2O e3 Cleaning System plus these great extras:

  • 4 x Microfibre Cloths

  • 1 x Super Absorbent

  • 1 x Duster Cloth
  • 1 x H2O Scent
  • 1 x Garment Cloth

  • 1 x Water Filter

  • 1 x Window Cloth
  • 1 x H2O Descaler
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  • From The Award Winning H2O® Family 
  • Kill 99% of Germs & Bacteria